Showrooms kitchen

  • Kitchen "Ten"

    Kitchen "Ten"

    We are very proud of our TEN kitchen which is a result of our long-term experience. We were awarded "Golden key" for it at the Belgrade fair on its tenth anniversary.
  • Kitchen "Glosy"

    Kitchen "Glosy"

    Kitchen Glosy is a perfectly designed kitchen fulfilling all the demands of our client. The fronts are painted in white and dark-brown with high gloss so that it mirrors your face. The combinatin of colours in this kitchen is very trendy.
  • Kitchen "Elegance"

    Kitchen "Elegance"

    i type "L" kitchen with cooking island. It is very demanding, made of mediapan (MDF) with marble worktop.
  • Kitchen "Line"

    Kitchen "Line"

    Kitchen "Line" is a lined kitchen, made from mediapan with lines on its suface(flutes). Painted in high gloss with a combination of white, dark brown wth aluminum fronts.
  • Kitchen "Glass"

    Kitchen "Glass"

    This kitchen has a glass area between the top and lower cupboards as well as a table with coloured glass top. It is painted in elegant beige with calming smoked glass.
  • Kitchen "Black"

    Kitchen "Black"

    Kitchen "Black" is not a standard solution, but sometimes it is good to have something different. It is adapted to special space and ,as such, fulfilled the demands of a client. It is made from high gloss black mediapan.
  • Kitchen "Compact bronze"

    Kitchen "Compact bronze"

    It has been boldly designed with bronze as main decor that look old-fashioned, and in combination with modern materials- compacts worktops, lighting in detail and fittings, the zones and a perfect solution for the "dead" corner, this kitchen is superb.
  • Kitchen "Kontrast"

    Kitchen "Kontrast"

    This is a type of lined kitchen with is often made wit us. It is made of univeer by "Kaindl" from Austria and it has a calm wooden decor in its light and dark shade.
  • Kitchen "Corner"

    Kitchen "Corner"

    This is a "L" type kitchen. The kitchen zone is put into the corner and in such a way there is a lot of space left.
  • Kitchen "Hacijenda"

    Kitchen "Hacijenda"

    It is always a challenge to use little space cleverly and to achieve function and harmony in design. Kitchen "Hacijenda" makes the right example.
  • Kitchen "Whitish"

    Kitchen "Whitish"

    The marble worktop and built-in sink give this kitchen a modern look. Lifted oven and microwave make thier everyday usage easier, as well as the drawers in lower cupboards. The top cupboards have slowmotion lifters
  • Kitchen "Kvadrant"

    Kitchen "Kvadrant"

    It is made of univeer, difficult to assebmly, but our assemble workers made it perfect. It is of unusual outlook, type "L" kitchen, but with very demanding additional part around a pillar; still it met her owners demands.
  • Kitchen "Twist"

    Kitchen "Twist"

    It is not easy to make a rustic kitchen, but we succedded in making a look of rustic kitchen by a choice of fronts. This is type of kitchen with island and it meets the basics of functinality and ergonomics.
  • Kitchen "Yellow"

    Kitchen "Yellow"

    Kitchen "Yellow" ,with its dark yellow colour, old-fashioned frames, lighing and rstic handles, brings a spirit of old times.
  • Kitchen "Rusty"

    Kitchen "Rusty"

    This is a classic rustic kitchen made of wooden decor with a trace of time. The fronts are made of mediapan covered with special foil.
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